I have (had) a dream!

Ok,  so it was like 10 years ago that I was at a book store on Duke of Gloucester street in Williamsburg, VA and I picked up one of the woodworking mags that was on the shelf.   My then girlfriend (now wife) was getting a coffee or something and perusing the stacks.   I crashed into a soft chair and started thumbing the pages of tools and projects and other standard stuff thats in these magazines and an old idea occurred to me,  I like making stuff.  I like making stuff out of wood.  See,  a long time before this I was a carpenter,  I was a carpenter that was stuck working for an outfit that did fire restoration work.  It was crap work.   Dirty work.  Uninspiring work.  I didn’t know it at the time but what I was really suited for was finer work,  like furniture or casework, or fine trim and finish work.   I was a kid.  I didn’t know what I wanted and had I worked for someone that was doing this kind of work and was really turned on by it I might have found my way to one of the good schools of furniture making out there or apprenticed for some master someplace.   Who knows.   I might have ended up broke and disillusioned, with a drinking problem.  Anyway,  as fate, and a few major detours in the road would have it I ended up with a career in aviation and a woodworking magazine in my hand and a soft cozy chair under my butt, in a book store on Duke of Gloucester street in Williamsburg, VA.


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