The pointy end of the tracks

I’m on a train.  A train with a destination.  There are lots of cars with lots of stuff going on in them on my train.  I walk from car to car and try to stay focused.   There are lots of distractions in the cars.   I’m walking towards the front so I can watch the horizon where the tracks turn into a point and merge with an idea.

There have been a lot of manuvers over the years that I’m really not inclined to recount.   The important part,  at least to me, is that they have all led to here.  I’m finally in a position to make a dream develop into a reality.  I want to create.  I’m going to create.  I’m gonna build,  and I’m gonna make a space that I can build in.  When that space is made I’m gonna crack open a beer and soak it all in.

I probably wont wait until its built to crack open a beer.


I have (had) a dream!

Ok,  so it was like 10 years ago that I was at a book store on Duke of Gloucester street in Williamsburg, VA and I picked up one of the woodworking mags that was on the shelf.   My then girlfriend (now wife) was getting a coffee or something and perusing the stacks.   I crashed into a soft chair and started thumbing the pages of tools and projects and other standard stuff thats in these magazines and an old idea occurred to me,  I like making stuff.  I like making stuff out of wood.  See,  a long time before this I was a carpenter,  I was a carpenter that was stuck working for an outfit that did fire restoration work.  It was crap work.   Dirty work.  Uninspiring work.  I didn’t know it at the time but what I was really suited for was finer work,  like furniture or casework, or fine trim and finish work.   I was a kid.  I didn’t know what I wanted and had I worked for someone that was doing this kind of work and was really turned on by it I might have found my way to one of the good schools of furniture making out there or apprenticed for some master someplace.   Who knows.   I might have ended up broke and disillusioned, with a drinking problem.  Anyway,  as fate, and a few major detours in the road would have it I ended up with a career in aviation and a woodworking magazine in my hand and a soft cozy chair under my butt, in a book store on Duke of Gloucester street in Williamsburg, VA.